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Stephen M. Jenks Managing Partner

Steve JenksSteve Jenks is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Candescent Partners. He has twenty years of management and investing experience in private equity, most recently as Managing Partner of Capital Resource Partners ("CRP") where Mr. Jenks worked for 15 years. At CRP, Mr. Jenks established and led the firm's successful investment strategy in business services and software.

Prior to joining CRP in 1993, Mr. Jenks was an Associate with Norwest Venture Partners, where he sourced, analyzed, structured and managed private equity investments in business services, consumer services, healthcare and software industries. Mr. Jenks was a founder and Director of Marketing for Concord Financial Group, a successful venture backed start-up.

Mr. Jenks graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Williams College in 1981, and also received his MBA from New York University in 1983.

Mr. Jenks previously served on the board of directors of Lamont Digital, Loyaltyworks, Monitronics, Fluidrive, Olympus Healthcare, Onyx Acceptance, Altra Energy Technologies, LionBridge, Rodeer Systems, Summit Acceptance, Summit Global Partners, Trintel Communications, CommercialWare, ePredix, PaySys, The Richardson Group, Ardence, Dynamic Imaging, Platform Learning, OrderMotion, and United Country Real Estate. Mr. Jenks previously served on the board of OrderMotion, United Country Real Estate, Quadrant Software and Dermatology Associates. He currently serves as a director at Group RHI.