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The founders of Candescent Partners have originated, structured and managed in excess of $850 million of private equity investments in 48 private growth companies.

Alliancecare, Inc.

Alliancecare, Inc. is a provider of comprehensive home-based medical services to elderly patients in Florida. The Company offers home health care services through a coordinated, home-based service model that results in more frequent routine and preventative care than the patient demographic may otherwise receive, thereby reducing costly emergency room visits and hospital admissions.

Aspen Dental Management

Aspen Dental Management is the largest Dental Practice Management company in the Northeast. The Company's strategy is to open practices in retail settings with a focus on serving patients who have historically abandoned healthy oral care. Aspen is a price leader, attracting its customers by selling dental services and dentures at affordable prices.

Candescent Healing, LLC

Candescent Healing, LLC was formed to acquire a northeast based operator of wound care centers in hospitals. These clinics use traditional and hyperbaric oxygen therapies to treat patients suffering from chronic wounds.

Dermatology Associates

Dermatology Associates is a leading provider of dermatological services in the Eastern Texas region.

Dynamic Imaging, Inc

Dynamic Imaging, Inc developed a leading web based software platform utilized to capture, store, view and transport the digital files created by digital medical imaging technology such as CT and MRI.

Claris Vision

Claris Vision is a comprehensive vision care services provider. It provides services ranging from basic optometry to LASIK and cataract surgery.

Odyssey HealthCare

Odyssey HealthCare is a leading national provider of hospice care services. Hospice is palliative care administered in the final months of life.

Prometheus Laboratories, Inc

Prometheus Laboratories, Inc is a specialty pharmaceutical company that markets and sells branded pharmaceuticals and diagnostic products in the United States. The Company focuses on treating digestive diseases and disorders associated with the gastrointestinal tract through the marketing and delivery of proprietary, high margin laboratory testing services that complement its pharmaceutical products, thereby providing physicians with a comprehensive solution to treat chronic diseases.

Sempercare, Inc

Sempercare, Inc contracts with market leading hospitals to operate long term acute care "hospital-within-a hospital" ("LTACH") units serving acutely ill patients.

Solis Women's Health, LLC

Solis Women's Health, LLC owns and operates women's breast care centers throughout the United States. The Company is dedicated exclusively to the full diagnostic spectrum for women's breast care. Through the development and operations of centers of excellence for this medical service, the Company is addressing a critical medical need in a differentiated setting.

Southeastern Spine Institute

The Southeastern Spine Institute is a comprehensive spine health provider.